This timeline has been pulled together as an interactive guide to help showcase the general process required to take a product from the initial idea all the way through to seeing it packaged and on supermarket shelves. We offer a full end to end managed service, but we also facilitate individual sections for the likes of corporates who wish to streamline their process, or replace a service provider within their organisation. 

1. The Concept 1. The Concept
2. Producing a Product 2. Producing a Product
3. Getting Technical 3. Getting Technical
4. Developing a Business 4. Developing a Business
5. Marketing 5. Marketing
6. Delivering the Goods 6. Delivering the Goods

1. The Concept

So you’ve come up with an amazing idea, are pretty sure no-one has ever done it before and it satisfies a need among millions of potential customers. You may even have a prototype developed in your home garage that proves that your concept is without doubt the next big thing in ‘insert industry here’. The Launch It Hub will help you with the next stages – Finance, Legal and Advice.

2. Producing a Product

After you have finance in place and are covered legally, we’ll help you perfect your product and work with you to ensure there are no design flaws that may cause problems further down the line. Then on to Purchasing, Cost Reduction and Finding suppliers. The Launch It Hub will help you with the next stages – Product Design, Branding, Product Development, Sourcing and Manufacturing.

3. Getting Technical

Many of the simplest looking products could not have been developed without using some form of technology. Whether it is a bespoke piece of code or an off the shelf software package, we’ll help you negotiate the jargon of tech providers and ensure you get the right price for the amount of work you procure. The Launch It Hub will help you with the next stages – Technology and I.T.

4. Developing a Business

It’s all good having a product or service to sell, but having a clearly defined strategy and sticking to it is key to success. After the research and strategy phase, we’ll assist in developing a bullet proof sales blueprint to make sure that the customers that show interest, actually do end up buying. The Launch It Hub will help you with the next stages – Research, Strategy and Sales.

5. Marketing

Working within the sales guidelines as set out in the blueprint, marketing is very different to sales and should not be confused with it. Marketing sets up the goal by placing the ball near the striker and goal. Sales is actually kicking the ball into the goal and closing the deal. Let the Launch It Hub help you with the next stages – Public Relations, Social Media, Digital Media and Web Development.

6. Delivering the Goods

At this stage we have almost everything setup however we still need to get the product to the customer. A huge part of customer retention is service delivery and getting these channels secured is very important especially with products that go viral. We’ll connect you with the very best in the business. Let the Launch It Hub help you with the next stages – Supply Chain and Logistics.

Start Here:

Understanding the life cycle of your project is crucial. It will allow you to assign resources in the best possible place for the right price in the desired timescale. We’ve broken them down as follows:



Your idea, your brainwave. The next ‘must-have’ invention you’ve created.


The use of technology to make your life easier in all aspects.


Creating the ‘want’ to make your product desirable. What is your USP?


Making your idea into a product, and finding the right partners.


Turning a part time pursuit into a business – the right way from the start.


Delivering products to customers/ understanding the supply chain.


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