This concept or idea of yours could be the solution to many needs. It could cut costs in medical care in third-world countries, or adorn the houses of the rich and famous but many of these concepts have started in the same way: In somebody’s mind.
We are here to assist in getting that intellectual process working first and helping to facilitate the transfer of what’s ‘up there’ and then forming it into a plan, a model, a prototype.
It is at this stage that you need to be realistic about your idea. You should be thinking along the lines of: How many people have this need? And of those people, what choice of alternative solution do they have? And what percentage would actually buy my solution or product? We will help you turn your mind to all the questions you should be asking before taking this further, even if it is a non profit undertaking.
You should also not shy away from an idea that has been laughed down by your peers – some of these ideas are the ones that blossom and become life changing. Many, because some negativity has been encountered along the way, have been pushed through by sheer determination because of that same negativity. Bottom line is, until you get professional advice from people experienced in the industry, your idea or concept has as much merit as the guy next door, or the cluster of university students, or the man who makes that spicy sauce.

Concept kon-sept ]

  • a general notion or idea; conception.
  • an idea of something formed by mentally combining all its characteristics or particulars; construct.
  • a directly conceived or intuited object of thought.


It is important to discuss your project plans from a financial perspective, in view of handling fast growth.


‘Always look after number 1’. You simply have to cover yourself first and foremost and protect your IP.


No frills, shoot-from-the-hip advice. Your friends and family may not always be the voice of reason you need.

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Timely Turnaround

We work with people at the top of their game to ensure project creep is limited as much as possible for a quick turnaround.

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We’ve been around long enough to root out the bad suppliers and the ‘hidden charges’ brigade to get the best quality.

100% Safe, Guaranteed

Our services start with a legal arrangement that covers both you and us before we even discuss the concept.

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We are here to help, and what better way to help than where it matters – in your pocket. 10% discount off any service we offer, no catch.

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