Delivery Technology

As a newbie to the retail industry, and let’s face it – that’s what this is; the technological options for delivery are myriad. The old days where a courier was a guy who showed up in a van and dropped off your parcel are not dissimilar to the way Amazon delivers nowadays. But there has been significant change behind the scenes.

For instance, if your products are going overseas by plane, did you know that most of these products are scanned in much the same way as your bags are scanned on a passenger flight? The reason being that if they go on an express delivery, they will likely go on the same aeroplane, directly under the passenger, who occupy the upper section of the plane. Various terrorist attacks across the industry caused significant changes in terms of security around 2010 and on.

These are not the only changes that have been made in the last 20 years or so, many changes have been about efficiency, and getting as much product delivered as is physically possible. Huge networks connect all major routes across the world, fulfilment centres in stregic positions across each country mean that as a buyer or consumer, you can now purchase an item and take delivery of the same item within 2 hours!

Each product has it’s own challenges, if you chose to get into the mattress business, the technology will differ from the same value in trade selling small pots of perfume, as will the technology required to run a personalised greetings card business. We have extensive experience across many different delivery scenarios so let us save you the time it takes to research and draw on years of experience within the industry.

An item worth delivering, is worth delivering well.