Producing a Product

When we speak of producing a product, at this stage we have an agreed design, we probably have a few prototypes, or one very weary looking one that functions well. Itis critical at this point that there are not hundreds of fundamental changes in design as manufacturers do not like disruption of their processes once they click the button on mass production. 

For instance: A product, say a plastic toy has been designed for young children in the shape of a dog. The little dog follows it’s owner, it barks and even mimics eating food and drinking water. Manufacturers in China have been given the go ahead to produce a batch of 10000 units as a ‘first order’. The order will take between 3-5 weeks to complete to ‘FOB’ status (Or being put on a pallet, on a ship en route to your warehouse). Two weeks in, you decide that it would be cool to add a little plastic loop to attach a cute little lead so the dog can be dragged about.

From the manufacturers perspective, even though nothing may have come off the line yet, they are two weeks in, molds have been made, the structure of the toy has been set in stone to accommodate the inner workings; the placement of batteries and so on. Your options now are to either call off the order and waste the deposit that may have been left; to go ahead with production of a product that you may well now view as inferior to the version with a leash and create a ‘version 2’; or push the design change through, halt production for now until you complete your design changes and restart the clock at 3-5 weeks again, and accept whatever charges the manufacturer throws your way.

We will guide you through these steps and will highlight any of these pitfalls, before they become an issue.

Product [ prod-uh kt, -uhkt ]

  • a thing produced by labour: products of farm and factory; the product of his thought.
  • a person or thing produced by or resulting from a process, as a natural, social, or historical one; result:He is a product of his time.
  • the totality of goods or services that a company makes available; 
    output:a decrease in product during the past year.

Product Design

You don’t have to be a CAD professional to design a product, in fact many home designers start with a prototype.

Product Development

Tweak in China? Produce in Bahrain? Funded R&D in the U.K.? We’ll help you with your many options.

Get Licenced

Once you have a product that people like, it is easy to upscale by getting licenced and selling en masse.

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