Two of the first things we will ask you about; Have you got finance in place and are you covered legally? Lets open these up a little.

There are lots of legal considerations when starting a business especially around a unique design or concept. Your product answers a need for a niche, it may be a high value item for a small niche or a low cost one for a far larger market. Either way the value of your product is largely based around it’s profitability. It should come as no surprise that there are people that scour the invention conferences, and the trade fairs to find products to copy to effectively take the wind out of your sails and bring their own version to market before you.

This happened recently with a couple of products in the toy and games industry. A game was developed where a player had to wear a device in their mouth that held the mouth open whilst they said a few words. Their teammates were to guess the words for points. By the time the branded product had been launched, several cheaper versions had been produced under different yet similar names in China. As no patent was put in place or trademark or anything significant was done to cover the inventor and business owner, that product was virtually lost from a legal standpoint.

We will walk you through all the legal steps you will require in whichever direction you choose, whether it be a trademark, a copyright, a patent (Whether and overseas one, UK, EU etc), timestamp proof (The date the product was invented), we will also help you with the legal ramifications of choice of company name or product name and show you how to check that you are not infringing on anyone elses rights.