Developing a Business

What will you do when a social community, say on Instagram, take a shine to your product and sales go through the roof? Do you have a strategy in place that can handle quick growth?

When Groupon first started, there was a company in Cornwall that sold cookies. A small artisan company, they offered an unlimited offer of cookies delivered to your door, for a price little above cost – to get their brand well known and ‘out there’. Groupon itself was in its heyday and people bought into this concept quickly. A culmination of new buyers testing the water of a new service with a low cost purchase; those wanting to be up to date with the latest offers; genuine cookie aficionados and those of us in the UK who love a deal jumped at the chance of a cookie deal.

In ten’s of thousands.

By the time the deal was pulled (Within hours of being made live), at their current rate of delivery they would have to work 24 hours a day for years to handle the orders received. In a small business that may not have the money to scale up production, this can ruin everything.

We will help you to develop your business with sound research, a bullet proof strategy based on our experience in your field, and assist with sales, marketing and more.


Development [ dih-vel-uhp-muhnt ]

  • the act or process of developing; growth; progress:
    child development; economic development.
  • a significant consequence or event:
    recent developments in the field of science.
  • a developed or advanced state or form:
    Social Networking reached its highest development in the release of Facebook.


What is your target market, or Who? Does your product appeal to them, and how will you market it?


A clearly defined, scaleable plan based on research with performance indicators designed by professionals.


Opening doors to the big retailers, selling online, social marketplaces and who’s job is it to sell?

A Service Like No Other

Timely Turnaround

We work with people at the top of their game to ensure project creep is limited as much as possible for a quick turnaround.

Low Prices, High Quality

We’ve been around long enough to root out the bad suppliers and the ‘hidden charges’ brigade to get the best quality.

100% Safe, Guaranteed

Our services start with a legal arrangement that covers both you and us before we even discuss the concept.

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