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Launch It Services

The below subheadings represent a cross-section of the services we offer. We’ve broken it down into simpler terms: Step It – Take the first step. You have an idea, let’s form that into a product and create an offering. Grow It – Let’s help you nurture that small business into a flourishing concern. Lastly Flaunt It – Be loud and proud about it, we will help you maximise awareness and drive sales. 

CAD Design

Getting a CAD designer’s input at an early stage could save you later.


Unlike Sales, we’ll help prepare your buyers before they choose to buy.


Tell the world about you, your product and what makes you tick.


Crowdfund, Savings or VC, Bank of Dad and Mum or High Street Bank?


The message has to be clear, and navigation easy. We’ll show you how.


To grab the imagination of your buyers – You have to Stand Out!


Don't Sweat the Small Stuff. We've Got This.


Off Your First Google Adword Spend.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Timely Turnaround

We’ll get you on track in the least amount of time. This is what we do – create measurable results that are scaleable, fast.

Low Prices, High Quality Results

On balance, our charges won’t amount to much. It’s the results we create that more than make up for the minimal cost across the project.

International Coverage

We attend fairs all over the world and can help remotely or face-to-face. From Cape Town to Cape Canaveral, Corfu to Christchurch.


Spotty Bengal

The Launch It Hub saves us hours of work in creating a content creation process. To write it all manually would have taken months! Sarah


Just started with LIH, Karen my mentor is amazing! Francois

Structural Analytics

We are a company in late stages of producing an electronic structure measuring device. So far launch it has covered us legally and is looking at raising funding for rapid growth. So exciting! 

Launch It Hub

Getting your idea from 

a thought to a product