Advice – the very core of what we do. We are business people, creative, inventors, problem solvers, entrepreneurs, solution finders, consultants – but above all else, we give out advice.

We will advise on best practice across the many disciplines we cover: The Concept, Producing a Product, Getting Technical, Developing a Business, Marketing and ultimately Delivering the Goods. Each of these sections has a load of sub topics – each one chosen carefully to give you the best chance of success in your endeavour.

We have also dealt within many industries across many countries, and give advice across many communication mediums in webex sessions, Skype, face-to-face and all the usual regular methods like email, live chat and telephone calls.

How it works: Contact us in the first instance to set up a meeting. Your advisor will run through the costs, and once you are happy proceed to setup an appointment to meet one of the senior team who will start the process of finding out where you are in terms of each of the disciplines mentioned above. You may feel you have crossed every T and dotted every I, but these senior advisors are there to ascertain whether or not your idea has legs, and whether or not we can actually add value and take you all the way to the successful end. The senior advice team has been hand picked to stress test every aspect of your product/business/offering.

The credits system: We operate on a credits basis. The advice team will suggest where best you will spend your credits – these are purchased in a block and can be used across any of the specialists. For instance if you require marketing the most in month three, you could assign your entire monthly allocation to just marketing, or split it between sales and marketing. We will supply the advice, the final decision of how to spend yours, rests with you.